We offer local organizations the opportunity to raise money once a month in which all proceeds collected will go directly to your organization. Members of SLIH can attend, but present memberships and class cards will not be applied. A minimum donation of $10 will be collected at sign in or online.


*a member of your organization must be a students who currently practices at the studio.

*the class will take place during a regularly schedule class day and time, unless registration for the donation class exceeds the rooms maximum capacity. Given the nature of our yoga class and the temperature of the room, you must ensure those who will participate are fully aware of the makings of the class, the length of the class and the proper yoga etiquette.

*the studio has limited rental mats and towels available. Mats are $2 each, towels $1 each and various size bottles of water are available for sale. Please instruct the participants to bring a yoga mat, beach sized towel, and bottle of water with them. Proceeds from products purchased will not be counted towards the donation proceeds.

*each participant must sign-up via our website. The donations can be made then or the day of, but the account needs to be created and waiver signed in order to streamline the check in process.

*Some Like Hot Yoga & Wellness (SLIH) and your organization will cross promote the event. SLIH will do so through our newsletter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. All art and copy must be approved by each organization prior to being sent to one another’s database or used on social media in any form.