Some Like It Hot Yoga & Wellness is beyond excited to announce our first Hot Yoga Teacher Training program! This experience is meant to enhance the power and depth of your personal practice, while preparing you to teach the very yoga that changed your life.

Our program was designed to take place based on your busy schedule. In years past, the only way to teach the 26 + 2 method was leave everything and everyone behind for 9 weeks and hope it was worth it. We scheduled our training so that you can still work full time, be present in your children’s life, and keep your social calendar pretty full while learning the essential tools to become an amazing hot yoga teacher!

While I wouldn’t change a thing about where I am now, there is a lot about the process to get here that I believed needed some tweaking. I set out with the goal of beginning a state-of-the-art studio followed by a training program where you learn more than how to stand on a podium and recite words, but so that you fully understand the words, there importance, the anatomy of each posture and how each one builds upon the next. Furthermore, how your tone and body language plays as much a role as the words your saying, how to go beyond seeing faces, but read bodies and correct alignment to mention a few. We provide you with these and the many other skills necessary to begin your journey to a flourishing career!

As our students you will learn the mechanics of the front desk, how to develop lasting trust and relationships with your students, and the steps to open a studio of your own if you choose to.

Are you ready to deepen your practice, change or add to your career, make a difference in others lives by sharing the passion you have for this yoga?!?! If so, sign up today!

Pre Requisites:

~ At least 6 months of in studio yoga practice (2-3 times weekly) and an open, curious mind. (A home practice does not qualify as you need experience as a student in the hot room with other students and different teachers)

~ A filled out application and an in-person interview with the SLIH owner, Nicole Stuckey

~ Letter of recommendation from studio owner, if you are joining from a hot 26 studio other than SLIH

~ Minimum 18 years old

~Note: it is NOT required that you become a yoga teacher after training. Many students take this course for their own personal development.