The cost for Some Like It Hot Yoga & Wellness Teacher Training is $4,600.00. This includes unlimited practice at Some Like It Hot Yoga & Wellness for the duration of the course: January 13th-March 18.

Purchases of required materials and the retreat, if attending, are the responsibility of the participant.

Retreat Inclusion: If you take part in the retreat, the cost of training will be $3,600 + the cost of the retreat and airfare. While we would love to have you all there, we understand that not everyone can get away during that week. You will have assignments to complete during that week as well as an additional 4 weekends of training.

Register by October 15th: $4,300.00 ($300 savings)

Register by November 15th: $4,400.00 ($200 savings)

A minimum $750 deposit is required to reserve your spot and will be collected at the time your application is approved.

Payment Options:
You do have the option to pay the total amount at the time your application is approved or  you can pay in monthly installments after the deposit is paid. (The amount will be determined when the application is approved given the amount of time prior to the start of training)

Make-Up Dates are strongly advised against, but can be arranged on a case by case basis and will cost $500 per day. No more than 2 days (1 full weekend) will be permitted.

Requests for refunds will be honored up to 60 days prior to the start of training. We charge a $750 cancellation fee for refunds requested more than 60 days in advance. Less than 60 days prior to training, we are unable to give a refund due to our inability to refill the space. You can apply the $750 to a future training in the event that you cancel.