Christine J.

I only came a few times, but I do wish I could go more often.  Obviously the first time you think you’re in hell because your body has never experienced something like that.  After you leave is when you really feel the benefits.  You are so relaxed and surprisingly want to go back!  If someone would have told me that during the 90 minutes I would have never believed it.  I came to classes instructed by Mark and Nicole and prefer Nicole just because as a beginner I like that she corrected me and I understand her direction better.  Mark was fine, I really had nothing to compare him to because it was my first class, but it was a very crowded Saturday morning so it was overwhelming.  I liked that the studio was very clean, new and smelled pleasant for the amount of sweat that goes on there.  Nicole is very personable and I like her rapport with the customers she has gotten to know since the studio opened.  She has items for sale and the price to rent a towel or a mat is cheap.  I would definitely sign up for the unlimited monthly plans, but I don’t want to add another expense right now.  I highly recommend this studio and Bikram yoga in general!

Janette G.

This is a great studio and is Hot yoga hello???? Is hot 104 degrees hot!!!
This class is a challenge of the mind, it does not matter how physical fit you are or how long you’ve been working out. The brain is the most difficult organ/muscle to train in your body; to understand that is to understand the concept of any type of yoga. For those negative comments made about the studio or Nicole I assure you is a pure displacement of their frustration and weakness. The instructors are respectable and very professional.
The only reason why I’m not giving a 5 is because I wish there was more respect on behalf of the people who enter the studio. Other yoga studios I have visit in the past I was able to lie still and mediate before class but here people are chatting and socializing … I guess it may be a Staten Island thing not sure :(

Crystal D.

First of all, I have to say, any negative comments about any yoga studio is pretty absurd. Yoga is all about controlling your mind especially when you want to leave the room because it is too hot, or because you have to use the bathroom. The fact that anyone could write such mean things really is disturbing especially when Nicole is the sweetest yoga instructor. She emphasizes what Bikram teaches, and that is the way ALL Bikram studios/ instructors hold their classes which means you stay in the room to accomplish something, even when your mind is telling you to leave. People who are not used to the heat should do some research about Bikram yoga, or try easier less hot classes not are not as demanding. Writing mean, degrading comments ultimately only promotes your negative attitude and yoga is all about being positive.

Giovanna A.

I absolutely love this place! I was nervous about trying Bikram, but now I can say, I’m addicted. The studio is very clean & very relaxing on the eyes. The owner, Nicole, is very helpful and super nice. Any questions you may have, she will be glad to answer. I always bring my own mat and towel, but if you happen to forget, she has mats and towels for rent. She carries water and yoga clothing. You can sign up online and just check in when you get there. There are usually 3 classes a day during the week and 2 on the weekends. It does get hot in the yoga room, so make sure you are hydrated & dressed comfortably.

Kathryn H.

I’m new to Bikram Yoga so I was excited/nervous before my first class but after 3, I love it! Nicole and Sylvia are really great and talk you through the whole 90 minute process. They don’t demonstrate the moves in Bikram but talk you through each movement. The class goes through a series on 26 poses twice. The room is 100 degrees with 40% humidity, if I’m remembering correctly. Basically you sweat like you’ve never sweated before in your life! Prepare to wear as little as possible. Come to class well hydrated and bring water and/or coconut water with you. You’ll also need a yoga mat and a towel to lay on your mat, if you don’t have you can rent there. The facility is very nice and clean and I’m completely comfortable going there. Parking is probably your biggest problem since it’s on New Dorp Lane but there are side streets. I say definitely at least try Bikram! You’ll be sore and, if you’re like me, exhausted like you’ve never known, but push through and come back!

Jessica V.

I recently moved to SI and was looking for a place that I could get back into Bikram Yoga.

I found this place through Groupon and I am beyond satisfied! The studio and locker room area is immaculate. The studio itself is very spacious. So glad I found someplace close to my new home where I can de stress in a judgment free zone!
I highly recommend this place. Looking forward to my next class!

Amanda D.

The absolute best place to go if you want an intense workout for your body and mind. Nicole is one of the most inspiring, assertive, and encouraging yoga instructors I’ve ever had. The studio and locker room are always very clean and well kept and the rules Nicole has in place, keep everything running smoothly. It’s an intense experience for a lot of people, but once you realize that all the rules of the class are for YOUR benefit it becomes totally worth it to follow each one. Now that they offer both 90 and 60 minute classes there’s no excuse not to try it!

Dominik D.

I did a month here and I was very satisfied with the intensity of the workout as well as with the friendly and awesome staff. Find an excuse to come here!

W C.

I’ve been coming here for almost 2 years and I’m completely hooked! My body has never craved a class like this in a long time. Not only are the classes motivational and challenging but the environment is light hearted. The studio is pristine and spotless that you always feel comfortable. It’s a spacious studio that no matter how packed the classes can get you never feel overcrowded. Newcomers should to keep in mind that although the first time could be a struggle to stay in the room, this class is also about control and discipline, so it is very important to respect the teacher’s instructions to stay in the room. They are looking out for your own safety. The studio also starting offering Hot Pilates which is a “must try”! Great workout, great studio, great people!

Janet R.

So happy to have this here in my home town. I usually attend in Manhattan. The owner is really sweet. This is for all levels from beginners to advanced. Just do the best you can as your body allows you. Like anything else, the more you discipline yourself to keep practicing the better you get at it. As for the people who brought their “Issues” with them to class i.e._ sick children and glasses and the need to be uplifted as such, take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming the owner. She has many people to accommodate and she is responsible for the safety for all those attending. The doors are locked so that no one can come in and rob or harm the business while her class is going on. The only person responsible for making you happy and “uplift”  you is you. Crazy to think that someone else should do that for you. You want to lift your spirit, then go to church or try volunteering. This is Yoga. When you go to the gym, unless you have a personal trainer, do the people at the gym uplift you?

Stay home- I think the rest of the class would appreciate it if you came to class without your issues.

Nicole H.

I love this place so much! I was completely new to Bikram Yoga and I felt so welcome! I was very conscious at first considering I am a thick girl but there is no judgement here. I have only practiced with one instructor so far and she is amazing! Don’t feel any way if an instructor calls you out during the class regarding your postures, Its only to help you. One little change in movement gives you great benefits! The owner Nicole has a great personality. The facility is very clean. I never had a bad experience yet and will continue to support this business. Bikram Yoga is so good for you in so many ways. It is detoxing and it tones your body. I feel amazing afterwards. During the class at times it can get rough but if you make it to the end, Trust me you will become addicted. Great place for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness.

Ricki M.

A wonderful bikram studio to say the least! I’ve been to about 5 other studios across the U.S. and SI bikram is hands down the best! Here are the reasons why:
1) clean clean clean clean. can’t beat it. the design of the studio is clearly mindful of circumstances of the hot/sweaty practice of bikram and facilitates a spotless/sanitary environment. Plus it always has a nice clean feeling and looks IMMACULATE all the time.
2) instructors. again experiencing many different instructors my the past 2 years practicing bikram, the ones at SI are so motivational and provide a lot of encouragement during class. While the style of bikram is regimented, they are ALL the nicest bikram instructors I have ever had. at other studios i’ve definitely experienced some opposite personalities.
3) clientele. everyone is lovely, total judgement free zone.
4) location – it’s great, central to a lot and no parking problem during class times :)
5) nicole (owner)- one of the most dedicated and professional business owners staten island has to offer! Not only is she kind, understanding and friendly… but she has a TREMENDOUS amount of knowledge about the practice (to answer the 3489 million questions you will have).

If you’re looking into bikram, just remember to do your research before hand about beginner tips so you know what to expect!! it’s not like regular yoga!! and go back the second time because it’ll change your life :).