Some Like It Hot Yoga & Wellness Hot Yoga Teacher Training is a 10-12 week*, 250 hour teacher training program held on the weekends to accommodate those that can not dedicate the time of a destination 4 week program. A sample of a typical weekend can be seen below.

Winter 2017 Inaugural Teacher Training Dates
January 13th-March 18
(If you are unable to join the retreat you will be completed on April 8th)

6:15p Yoga class observation & discussion following


9:30-10:30a Yoga Class
10:30-12p Lunch/Pilates
12-3p Posture clinic
3:30-4p Break
4-6p Lecture


9:30-11:00a Yoga Class
11:30-12:30p Break/lunch
12:30-3:30p Posture clinic
3:30-4p Break
4-6p Lecture

*Will be holding a part of this training during our retreat which will take place on February 18-25th. The cost of the retreat is in addition to cost of training and is optional. If you choose to join us on the retreat your training will be completed in 10 weeks. If you choose not to join us on the retreat, you will be responsible for assigned work and 3 more weekends worth of training.


Lecture Topics

26 +2 Anatomy & Corrections
What Makes an Excellent Teacher:
~Teaching Proficiency
~Teaching Ethics
Eight Limb Path of Yoga
Psychology of Teaching
Teaching a beginners class to a mixed level group of practitioners
Pregnancy Yoga
Front Desk, Studio Mechanics- Each trainees will have a chance to learn the front desk program, check in process, and sales skills
CPR Certification

Graduation requirements:
-100% attendance
-Be on time and prepared to actively participate in all training sessions.
-Practice 7x/week at Some Like It Hot Yoga & Wellness. Friday 6:15p, Saturday & Sunday 9:30a classes are mandatory. Friday 6:15 &Sunday 9:30a will be observed by trainees.
– professional behavior and ethical conduct are expected.
-Demonstrate thorough understanding of all material, including any homework assignments and assigned outside reading.
-Demonstrate teaching competency and proficiency at the end of the course through teaching 1 90 minute and 1 60 minute public class