Some Like It Hot Yoga & Wellness offers a work-study program to help make yoga more accessible in the community. In exchange for 5 hours of consistent weekly shifts working at the studio, participants receive 2 free yoga classes with mat and towel services. (Valued at $46.00) After the initial training and orientation period, and depending on your availability, you can earn up to 6 classes per month or 15 classes per month. Work-Study yogis are encouraged to practice as much as possible. We believe that the more you practice, the more you will value your position in our work-study program.

The two types of work-study are

  • Cleaners dedicate a minimum of 5 hours a week (can be broken into two shifts of 2 ½ hours each)
  • Desk Staff contribute at least one 5 hour shift a week to the studio.

Availability to work regular, scheduled slots is required. You are responsible for your shifts each week. It is important that you begin your shift on time. If you cannot make a shift, it is up to you to get that shift covered by a fellow work-study yogi.

We are presently only able to accept applications from members over the age of 18. Honesty, trustworthiness and reliability are expected. If you do not uphold our standards, you will lose your spot in our work-study program.

If you are interested in the work-study program, please fill out the following form:

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Do you currently practice bikram yoga or any other yoga:

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