What if I’m not flexible?

This is one of the best reasons to practice in the heat. The heat aids in flexibility allowing the body to open up and become more flexible. Everyone comes into class with either flexibility or strengthen. The practice is mainly about balancing this out while learning how to breathe and calm your mind. The most important thing is to heal your body. As long as you do the postures the right way and go to your personal “edge” you will get a 100% of the benefits and overtime go deeper into the postures.

Can I lose weight?

You can burn between 600-1,000 calories. Each class includes a cardiovascular workout that tones and lengths all the muscles in the body. With a consistent practice you will lose pounds and inches as well as gain muscle tone. Over time you will see remarkable changes in your body. With that said it is of utmost importance that you listen to your body. By practicing good form or depth you will see changes faster.

What are some benefits?

There are limitless benefits both physically and mentally. Some of these benefits include reduced stress, increased flexibility and muscle tone, improved quality of sleep, posture and circulation. A consistent practice of 3 or more classes a week is needed to see results, however one class is better than no class! To see a full list of benefits please visit our class description page .

Why the heat?

The heat aids in warming your muscles and increasing your flexibility, which allows you to safely work deeper into postures. This allows you to prevent injuries from occurring as well as heal past injuries. Additionally, the heat aids in flushing toxins from your body through your largest organ-the skin and increases your heart rate, which provides more of a cardiovascular workout.

Why are all students levels in the same class?

While a majority of classes offered are for beginner’s, they are all a very challenging . When you begin your practice you might only be able to achieve 5% of the posture Orr class the right way. Over time you begin to achieve 10, 20, 90% of the posture the right way still receiving 100% of the benefits. While the class, the postures, and goals are the same everyday, you are different. You never know what to expect in each class.

I feel nauseous and dizzy in class, is this normal? What is the best way to handle it?

In general there are two major causes for this: Lack of hydration/electrolytes and/or improper breathing in postures.

Hydration & Electrolytes-
In general, we need 64-80 ounces or water a day for the body to function properly. When practicing Bikram Yoga, we estimate you need another 64-80 ounces to allow your body to perform/acclimate to the hot room and amount of sweat lost during class. Once you begin to drink enough water and replenish your electrolytes, your body will tolerate and even crave the heat.

Once your learn how to properly breath in class, it becomes so much more enjoyable. Many new students inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, but this method creates strain on the body as well triggers our “flight or fight” response. Ideally, you will want to take a full breathe as you begin a posture, filling your lungs to their maximum capacity. Throughout the posture you continuously inhale and exhale 20% of the air through your nose with your mouth closed. As your lung capacity improves and you improve in your postures, this breathing method becomes natural.

What should I eat before class?

Come to class on an empty stomach, but don’t starve yourself all day. Most people find they are ok with eating 2 hours prior to class. As you become more consistent with your practice, your body will guide you as to what and when to eat.

How often should i attend class

We suggest 3 or more times a week, but we understand that not everyone’s schedule allows for that. 1 yoga class is better than 0 classes so do what is best for your schedule.

I’m pregnant can I attend class

Possibly…if you have been practicing 3 times or more a week for at least 6 months and become pregnant, it is generally ok and even encouraged for you to continue your practice. We do require a doctors note stating they have approved your continued practice.

Please let your instructors know you are pregnant, as we have a modified series for the duration of your pregnancy. We will go over these modifications with you and answer any questions you have throughout your pregnancy.

Can i practice with an injurY or medical condition

Yes! Yoga is a fantastic source to heal old injuries and prevent new ones and has been known to aid in many medical conditions.* The heat is therapeutic for your muscles, joints and tissues. We ask students to notify the instructor so we can assist you during class. Most importantly, please do not modify a posture, instead listen to your body and perform the posture to your tolerance level. You may regress from the level you practiced at previously, but doing it the right way, a little at time, will heal your injury and get you back to new a lot faster.

*If you do have a medical condition, please make the studio aware and bring a note from your doctor stating they have approved your practice.

I heard students are not allowed to leave the room…is that true?

We do encourage students to stay in the room for the entire 60 or 90 minutes for multiple reasons, but you are allowed to leave if needed.

1) Moving between the hot room and the cool lobby may seem like a good idea, but the difference in temperature is actually putting more stress and strain on your body, as is returning to the room and spending another couple of postures warming your body back up.

2) The class is a “moving meditation” and part of the practice is building your concentration, determination and self-control, while also respecting that of your fellow students. We understand the desire to leave the room if you start to feel overwhelmed, tired and/or hot, which is why we encourage you sit down and take a break.

You will be amazed at how quickly your body acclimates to the heat and how strong and disciplined your mind becomes after just a few full 60 or 90 minute class.

i heard students AREN'T allowed to leave the room? Is that true

Once the teacher begins class no one is allowed to enter or leave the room. As mentioned above, we do this to protect the focus and concentration of the class as a whole. Each class is 45, 60 or 90 minutes. We suggest you select a class where you can arrive on time and stay for the duration of class.