Studio Policies and Etiquette


Studio Policies

We value your loyalty and dedication to your yoga practice. As a business that focuses on both the mind and body, we strive to maintain a peaceful and positive environment. Therefore, we have listed our specific policies and yoga etiquette in order to help achieve these goals.


  • Classes are 45, 60 or 90 minutes long; please check the online schedule prior to class & make plans to stay in class the entire time without interruptions.

  • The studio opens 30 minutes prior and closes 30 minutes following each class. The buildings doors are locked at all other times to ensure everyone’s safety and security during class.

  • Please remove your shoes in the lobby and check in at the front desk prior to going to the locker rooms.

  • Please do not leave you belongings behind. We do have a Lost & Found, but these items will be donated at the end of each month.

  • Students are limited to 2 classes a day.

  • Please maintain tidiness while using the changing rooms and bathrooms.


  • Rented towels should be placed in the laundry baskets provided in each locker room or at the exit of the yoga studio.

  • Rented mats should be placed over the ballet bar and sprayed with the spray provided.

  • If you create a puddle anywhere outside the studio, please ensure you wipe it up in order to ensure others safety.

Sign In / Cancellations/ Reservations

At SLIH, students can reserve classes in advance using our our website or mobile app. Walk-ins are welcome, however students who have booked in advance or are on the waitlist will have first priority. Due to class capacity limits, walk-in students may not be admitted into class if the class is already full from advance bookings. 

Please arrive no later then 5 minutes before class. Students will not be permitted into class after the class has has began. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Students must sign in at front desk before entering the changing room and/or studio.

  • All new students must read and sign a waiver-release before admittance.

  • Please make us aware of any health issues you have during the sign up process.

Late Cancel/No Show Fee’s

  • A 5 hour cancellation notice via online or the Mindbody app if required to avoid being charged for class, no exceptions. Phone and email cancelations will not apply.

    • Students with a class cards will loose the class, if not cancelled 5 hours prior to class.

    • Students on a unlimited package will automatically be charged $25 when absent for a class that has been booked online, but not cancelled 5 hours prior to class.

    • Students who drop in will loose the class.

Class Waitlist

  • If a class is full, you can join our waitlist. If you are moved from the waitlist into the class, you will receive an email confirming your class reservation. Waitlist notifications will be sent up to 5 hours before a class starts.

  • If you are unable to make the class, you will need to cancel online up to 5 hours prior to the class start time. If you do not cancel prior to the 5-hour cancellation window, you will be charged a Late Cancel / No Show Fee.

Hot Room

  • Students must practice on 1 mat and at least 1 towel (no hand towels are permitted and/or needed)

  • Students are not permitted to touch any of the controls in the yoga studio at any time

  • Please observe silence in the hot room at all times as the time before and after class is just as important as the time during it.

  • Cell phones, shoes and personal items/bags are not permitted in the yoga studio. Please leave all personal items in the changing area. All that is needed is your mat, towel and water bottle.

  • *If you are on-call for your job, please make the teacher aware of this prior to class. 

  • Food, gum and glass bottles are not permitted in the studio at any time.

  • Please do not enter the yoga room if students from a prior class are still in savasana. The teacher will open the room 15 minutes prior to class.

  • The front row is observed for those that have been practicing for over 6 months &/or can lock their knee. This line is reserved so that those who are new to the practice have visual examples if needed.

  • If your mat is near either door, please ensure there is enough room if the teacher or student does need to leave the room.

  • The doors to the yoga studio must remain closed at all times.

  • Please do not hang out in the back of the studio. We all know some classes are tougher than others and advise that you stay in savasana which will return your body to its natural state or proceed down stairs.


Students must wear appropriate yoga clothing

  • Women-should wear leotards, shorts, tank tops, sports bra, pants or capris (something you are comfortable sweating in) Please do not wear a bikini bathing suit or underwear.

  • Men- should wear either yoga, athletic or swim shorts. Please do not wear boxer shorts/briefs or underwear.


  • Rates are subject to change.

  • All purchases including class cards, single classes, unlimited packages, Groupon and alike are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-EXTENDABLE. Please do your research prior to making a purchase.

Studio etiquette

  • Please do not practice in the front row, unless you are a season practitioner and can lock your knee. These spots are reserved as new students are asked to use students practicing here as examples.

  • Please be respectful of others by refraining from loud talking in the studio and lobby. Additionally, silence must be observed in the yoga room prior to, during and following each class. This is especially important during class as Hot 26 is designed as a moving meditation where students are focused and concentrating at all times. If you have questions about postures, please speak with the teacher prior to or after class.

  • Please practice proper hygiene including clean feet and body. Please refrain from the use of heavy perfumes or scents in the yoga room.

  • Please align your mat so that you do not block another person’s view of the mirror.

  • Please stay in the class for the entire class. If needed, take a break by sitting on your mat. This is for your benefit, as well as for the other students in class. If you do need to use the bathroom, please make the teacher aware and wait for them to cue you on when to exit and reenter, again as not to distract your fellow yogi’s.

  • Refrain from fidgeting…this includes: wringing out clothes and hair, fixing towels and mats, moving around/walking around your mat, wiping sweat, pouring water on yourself and drinking during postures. These are all habits of distraction for you, but does actually distract others in the room that are the working hard and the teacher.